Lynda colucci

I am a single mother of two and worked hard trying to make ends meet most of my life, but I would do it all over again knowing how well my boys have turned out. They both have loving families and great careers. I’m proud of them. I’m a frontline worker by day and an Romance Author by night. 

I’m at a time in my life now I’m able to work on my dreams, being a cancer survivor one dream of mine was to write a Romantic & Intimate Love series that hopefully is a page-turner for my readers who may have a desire for a lover “Livio” to enter your life, even if only in your dreams. 

I was born and raised in Canada and am of Italian descent. In my youth, I enjoyed many great stories over my grandmother’s cooking and homemade wine, which has left fond memories.

Calabria Italy:

My father is from Calabria, at the toe of the Italian ‘boot,’ in the extreme south of Italy. Calabria is bordered by two seas; the crys­tal-blue Loanian and Tyrrhenian Seas. It’s a sunbaked region of rugged mountains, old-fashioned villages and dramatic coastline with many popular beaches, so my father told me. The population is about 1,970,000. The capital is Catanzaro.

Rome & Naples:

On my mother’s side, our family is from Rome & Naples (Caserta) which sits on the Bay of Naples. My grandmother told me Naples is breathtaking. Nearby is Mount Vesuvius, the still-active volcano that destroyed the nearby Roman town Pompeii. My grandmother also talked about Castel Nuovo, a thirteenth-century castle. She mentioned they started building it back in 1279. It took three years to complete. The population of Caserta is about 76,000.

Book One of this Romantic & Intimate Love Series:

Nothing has made me happier then to complete my first novel of the series, “I’m Here For You My Goddess” so I can share it with all of you. I hope you enjoy my Romantic and Intimate story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Now published and available on 

Book Two of this Romantic & Intimate Love Series:

A huge thank-you goes out to my six granddaughters for inspiring and motivating me to write my next novel, “We’re Here for You My Goddess”  Now published & available on

Book Three of this Romantic & Intimate Love Series:

Just finished book three of the series, “I’m Obsessed Over You My Goddess” n Now published on be sure to catch up with books one and two!

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