Author of a three-book series Romantic & Intimate Love story. “Artists Challenge Yourself Contest” is now open to all artists to draw my book series characters with any medium. Realistic characters, (but anyone can try in their own style). @InkTober Artists all is welcome. This contest worked out so well the first time I am having another round with it. Good luck to all with your entries.

Top three selected winners will have their signed work published on the website at ( as well as posted on all Social Media Platforms such as (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

The top winner will also receive a signed copy of the first novel of the series, “I’m Here For You My Goddess” and a Gift Card.
Free preview available of characters & story line on & at the website of

Brief description on few of the characters from book one of the series “I’m Here For You My Goddess:

Livio Grant is a tall, muscular man, with a lean physique and deep set, dark eyes. His hair falls in dark brown waves, framing his dimpled face and strong jawline, kept most often in a ponytail. 

Sharon Gray sports long, silky black hair, trailing down her back and brushing her mid back as she walks. Her sharp features and piercing green eyes are captivating, instantly enrapturing anyone who lays eyes on her. 

Frank Jones’ piercing blue eyes and muscular body catches the gaze of anyone who lays eyes on him. He sports short black hair and a nicely trimmed moustache, well kept and pushed back with a bit of product. 

Sofia Grant is Sharon’s best friend, whose gentle features and light brown hair make her beautiful in a quiet way. Button nosed, and round faced, Sofia looks immediately kind with her shoulder length hair and her doe eyes.

Michael, Sharon’s oldest son, looks most like her. His dark locks were pin straight and kept short, and his eyes were the same hue of green that was absolutely charming.

Tony, Sharon’s youngest son, takes more after Frank. His short black hair falls in loose curls, and his blue eyes are big and beady, sure to warm hearts.

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Best of luck to everyone, can’t wait to see and display your work…