Book One Of  This Romantic & Intimate Love Series:


Book one of the romantic series sees Sharon Gray/Jones, a loving wife and a mother of two beautiful boys, rapidly feeling trapped in her body and knowing for years that she has a dominant sexual side that has been demanding to come out.

She can’t hold back any longer; she aches and hungers for a way to satisfy her desires. It doesn’t matter who she hurts along the way. Sharon has decided it’s going to be all about her from now on. Look out, don’t stand in her way!

Her husband Frank Jones and her submissive lover Livio Grant both hunger for her love and affection. Each loves her more than they love themselves!

Sharon has demanded they make her needs number one… and she won’t settle for less anymore.

She has made it clear: it’s her way or the highway. They both must learn to play nice together or there will be severe consequences.

Just when they’re both getting used to the situation, one day Livio’s sister Sofia, Sharon’s best friend, makes it clear that she is in love with her and would do anything for Sharon’s affection!


Rejected by Sharon, Sofia then hired Sharon to be her personal assistant hoping the closeness and traveling together would bring Sharon to realize they belong together.

Tragedy then strikes making everyone’s paths altered forever!
Buckle up; everyone is in for an extremely bumpy ride.

Book one of the romantic series is available now.

Three men in black suits.