About Book Three Of This Romantic & Intimate Love Series: Spoiler Alert Be Sure To Read Book One and Two Of This Romantic & Intimate Love Series First!

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I’m Obsessed Over You My Goddess”

Sharon is a mother of two adorable boys and a loving wife for the second time to one of her submissive lovers that she would do anything for but would never tell him that, she doesn’t want him to see her soft vulnerable side. She is a stunning beauty, a bright light that shines when she walks into a room, it wasn’t hard for her to find and attract the opposite or same sex.


Livio, one of her submissive lovers and now husband would do anything to keep his Goddess happy even if he had to share her with others. Sharon decided to include Livio in her lifestyle which made him happy to be a part of knowing she would be in his bed the majority of the time he didn’t seem to care, for now that is.   


With Sharon’s career and making sure David, one of her submissive lovers was comfortable after his devastating accident she didn’t have time to search for a replacement lover but then she didn’t have to, they seemed to find her begging and falling over themselves for her consideration and would do anything for a personal interview.

Finding it extremely hard to choose just one, Sharon decided to keep them all for her pleasure and enjoyment, which they didn’t seem to mind because she gave them what they wanted which was to belong and be owned by her.  


Her best friend Sofia, now her sister-in-law, had a beautiful baby girl and named her Isabella. Sharon couldn’t get enough of her niece. She loved her to pieces and made a promise she was going to teach her how to be a loving, kind, but a strict dominate like herself. Sharon had Sofia’s approval knowing Sharon would always be close hoping to win her affection back. Sofia still had a burning love for Sharon her desire was stronger for her than for her soon to be husband. Sofia prayed for a sign to help her make the right decision before it was too late, she didn’t want to be trapped in a loveless marriage or out of duty to their child.


Sharon’s boys were her first and utmost priority in her life; she made sure her lovers knew everything else would be secondary. That didn’t mean she would do without when it came to her needs, far from it as she made sure her rules were outlined to her lovers and totally understood and made sure were followed without question.

Sharon’s desires would be their priority just the thought of dismissal from her life was unbearable to them all.


Sharon had carefully chosen a prominent renowned doctor and part time amateur artist, an entrepreneur tycoon falling over himself every time he saw her and a love sick chauffeur, they all begged for her attention and affection.


Livio had his hands full with Sharon’s sexual appetite and desires; he was starting to feel the pressure but tried hard not to show it. He then came up with a suggestion that satisfied both their appetites.

Sharon knew exactly what buttons to push with Livio not only with him, but with all her lovers and they all wouldn’t have it any other way. To spend time with Sharon was a fantasy that they could only dream and wish to be a part of.


Sharon has too many fantasies to be just a housewife. She lives in a more interesting world than the one around her. You will soon learn how true that was. Her lovers would rather die than not be a part of her world.

“A strong woman builds her own world; she is one who is wise enough to know that it will attract the man she will gladly share it with.”

You are now her possession and she is now your obsession, welcome to her world.

Be sure to catch up with book one & two of this Romantic & Intimate Love series: “I’m Here For You My Goddess” and “We’re Here For You My Goddess.” You don’t want to miss out on this epic and intimate story line filled with adventure, sex and romance with no doubts you will be craving for my next book release. Book Three of this Romance Series is available now.

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