COVID-19 situation continues to change quickly and everyone is concerned about the continued reliable supply of products we take for granted under normal circumstances. While everyone is under quarantine or keeping social distancing, I would like to offer you an escape. My first Romance novel “I’m Here For You My Goddess.” Your choice of either a Mobi or EPub.


I started writing my first book of the series in 2017 “I’m Here For You My Goddess.” With all the passion that poured out of me when writing this, my only wish was to provide my readers with the best love story they had ever read. Which you can live through and have your imagination be a part of. Hoping you will enjoy this story as much as I did writing it.


I can guarantee the three part series will not only captivate you, but you will not want to put this book down. This passion has grown deeper inside me as I have now published book two, “We’re Here For You My Goddess”

Book three “I’m Obsessed Over You My Goddess,” is on it’s final stages and will be published by Summer.

I’m amazed with my friends and family from all their passion, resilience and ability to persevere when under pressure, we are in this together and will be testing times for us all.


I’m here for you and hope you enjoy my free E-Book (Mobi or EPub) copy of “I’m Here For You My Goddess.” Simply go on my website at

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Please stay safe.