inspiration to write

What inspired me to write my first book “I’m Here For You My Goddess.”


When I was a little girl at the age of 15 years old, I was walking down the street in the summer time in a pair of open toe sandals I just had a pedicure done. Feeling pretty with-in myself, all of a sudden, an older gentleman fell beside my feet, and landed on all fours. It scared me to death. I froze, standing there like the statue of liberty, thinking what in Gods name is he doing on his hands and knees?

It was a busy commercial area around lunch time, everyone was walking by rushing to go for lunch and didn’t notice what was going on, nor cared. Standing in shock holding my breath praying that this guy gets up, and just
walks away from me.


He finally said something. “You have the most beautiful feet I have ever seen, allow me to worship them.”
I reached down and touched his head with my hand reassuring him all will be fine. I could hear him whimpering and felt him trembling. He stood up to his feet, composed himself, then walked away.
At an early age I realized the power you could have over a submissive by having a dominant side. And the rest, is history, this is how I got my Inspiration to write my first book, “I’m Here For You My Goddess!”


Why is my book different from other steamy, Female-Led romance fiction novels?

I feel my book is different from others because it hits close to home for everyone. Being dominant or submissive is an obsession within us all, every person is unique in their own way. They might not show it in public, but behind closed doors the possibilities are endless by letting your obsessions and desires out.
Curiosity and the desire to belong, is a very powerful human instinct in all of us.

I am here for you my goddess