2 ½ poundsBeef
½Vidalia Onion
½Red Hot Peppers
3Garlic Cloves
1 packageChopped Carrots
1 tablespoonTomato Paste
1 16-ounce canDark Red Kidney Beans
15 ouncesTomato Sauce & Hot Salsa
2 16-ounces cansChili Beans (kidney beans mild chili sauce)
14.5 ouncesPetite (diced canned tomatoes)
1 bottleBeer (preferably dark beer)
½ teaspoonGranulated Garlic
½ teaspoonPaprika, Oregano, Parsley Flakes, Cajun, Turmeric
½ teaspoonCumin
1 teaspoonChili Powder or Hot Chili mix (pouch)
1 packageFresh Mushrooms Sliced
to tasteSalt and Pepper
You may substitute any item to your liking!

Add oil to pan Sauté onion, garlic to golden brown add chopped carrots till tender. Add Mushrooms and hot peppers till golden brown then add beef cook till lightly brown. Add all spices mix well then add all liquids one at a time mix well. Place heat at medium till boils. Turn to low stir and simmer for two hours (make sure it’s boiling). Enjoy with homemade garlic bread on a fresh stick of baguette or over a baked potato. Yummmmmm.