inspiration behind book two

Inspiration behind write book two: Growing up seeing and having friends that were into that lifestyle peaked my curiosity. What lifestyle you ask? Why of course having more than one lover as well as your husband and to be worshiped by them all.

Book two “We’re Here For You My Goddess” (now released) gives you a story line of dominance over your submissive lover and by her rules only.

When you love more than one…

Love behaves in wonderful, unpredictable and counter intuitive ways. When you love more than one person, you soon realize that the more love you give away, the more love you have to give. Yes, you CAN give your whole heart to more than one person. When you do, you realize it’s the most beautiful feeling in all the world.

Romantic relationship…

This type of relationship isn’t all about sex; it’s about building a romantic relationship with more than one person at a time. So the rest is kind of up to you. I can’t give you a magical Guide to Making It Work and I can’t tell you where to go to find people who are submissive or dominate. But I can tell you that, difficulties aside. It can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling way to extend and expand your romantic life.

Hope you enjoy the best love story of this century.

Be sure to read one prior,“I’m Here For You My Goddess”. you don’t want to miss out on the story line at