Cherry Tomatoes Basil with Parmesan or Romano Cheese Reggiano.

First step is to make your favorite sauce with lots of cherry tomatoes sauté fresh garlic and onions with two table spoons of oil until slightly golden brown. Add your fresh cherry tomatoes cut in half at least four cups with a can of tomato paste mix well I also add water just enough to cover the tomatoes. Add you choice of spices, sea salt, parsley, cayenne, garlic power, Cajun pepper (use your own preferences). I like my sauce spicy then bring to a boil turn low till simmers. The water will evaporate just enough where sauce is slightly thick. Around an hour or so. Garnish with fresh basil and your choice of grated cheese maybe a salad on the side with your favorite veggies, your family will think your a professional chef. Enjoy!

Add your favorite pasta and Mangiare (Eat)!